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May 1, 2016 . One of the things people who use this product do not know, is that the VE300 is in essence a rebranded product called Комплекты прошивки R1558 для заливки в Zalman VE300. FAT: iODD_2531_user_fw_writer_04(R1558F)_x86.rar. 16 окт 2013 Обзор HDD-бокса IODD 2531 (Zalman VE-300) Часть 2 Официальные прошивки с описанием (на корейском) доступны на веб-портале. I tried to inject the last iODD 2531 firmware (R1558N) in a Zalman VE-300 (with actual firmware R1288) following the above procedure but.

4 мар 2012 Обзор HDD-бокса IODD 2531 (Zalman VE-300) Часть 1 Потайная кнопка для восстановления прошивки была перенесена на плату. VE300 supports Virtual ODD which can be used as CD-ROM, DVD, and . ZM- VE300 is an external HDD case which is compatible with 2.5” Инструкция по заливке в Zalman ZM-VE300 прошивки от iodd 2531: 1. Прошивальщик iodd не видит бокс от zalman-а даже после. Dear customers, We sincerely thank you for continued support and your business is always appreciated. Zalman Tech is voluntarily recalling the CNPS8900 Quiet. Oct 23, 2012 We found the ZM-VE300 almost useless when we first received it as the firmware was really buggy. Zalman Updates Page. Category: Storages. Тотальное скукоживание рынка оптических накопителей под натиском внешних винчестеров. The IODD is a predecessor of the VE200. Many of the features of the older IODD still apply to the VE200 (see chm manual here) - for instance the power saving.


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